a new user of Ricoh GRD

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a new user of Ricoh GRD

Postby focal8 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:37 pm

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum that holds my heart because I finally got a Ricoh GRD 1 the first and also a Ricoh GX100.

The GRD is really good for the pictures I want to do with: direct black and white.
I have done tests at all isos but my current preference goes to 64 with -0.3.
I have the problem of the ADJ button that makes the device freeze, it is unfortunate because I can not properly use the manual mode, too bad.
This box had been eyeing me for quite a while and I jump on the occasion when a friend offer it to me with a GX100 for cheap.
The GX also pleases me and especially for its 24mm which allows something else.
It works well except from time to time a blurred focus has all the proposals and even the snap is not terrible.
It has the viewfinder that helps out in the sun.
And even when the GX seems to do well its focus it is not worth the dive of the GRD!
I also appreciated the practical side of the batteries because it is true that these old cases do not have powerful batteries (which last)
I had used a Ricoh 500G and other film of the brand: all are quality.
I had a few years ago a Pentax K100D Super and in film a Pentax P30.
good weekend to all.
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